Limousines Rental Prices in Vancouver


Anyone who rents a limousine should have some idea about the cost. Many people rent a limousine without having any idea about the prices and then feel upset that they have been ripped off. Today, most limousine services are only slightly more costly than a taxi but on the other hand also offer a luxury ride with many amenities. If you have a special event to go to or want to celebrate something special in your life, then a limousine is a far better deal than any taxi.


Celebrate in a Limousine On Special Events


The cost of a limousine in Vancouver depends on the type of luxury car you rent, the day of the week, the time of the day, number of passengers and time of the year.


Limousine Rates in Vancouver


In general, the prices for Royal Limo Vancouver start around $75 - $150 per hour. The basic luxury sedans go for the lowest price and the stretch limousines and party buses for the top price. This price does include tax and driver gratuity. However you ought to know of a few other costs. If you want to be picked up from the airport, some limousine companies may add an extra $10-$20 for parking and any toll fee.


Discounts For Time of Day for Limousine Rentals


Sometimes the cost of a limousine rental will be higher depending on the day and time. For example, if it is Christmas, then you can expect the limousine service costs to be higher. Going to the Prom is also slightly higher than if you were renting a limousine just to go to party. Renting a limousine for a wedding is also slightly expensive because of the decorations and service provided (get married sign, crystal glassware, red carpet, nonalcoholic beverages on ice,  properly attired chauffeur).


This basic fee for renting a limousine is usually for four passengers. This price also includes the cost of the cold beverages (usually bottled water) and basic decorations. All the amenities in the car come at no extra cost. In general, the cost of renting a limousine gets cheaper if you rent it for 4 or more hours.


Royal Limo Vancouver usually matches any offer that you have and in addition offers big discounts. Do understand that Royal Limos goes out of its way to make sure that you can afford the vehicle. The company has numerous package deals that are affordable and comparable to other companies.


Call Us Royal Limo to Get The Best Limousine Rates Available


The best way to know what the final cost is for renting a limousine from Royal Vancouver Limos is to call them at 604-727-0950.

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