At this time of the year, there is a lot to do and see in Vancouver. Why not consider a spring tour with Royal Limo?  If you feel like walking and buying some of the best local fruits, take a wok around Chinatown. There are many decent Chinese restaurants in Chinatown but the best part is enjoying the refreshing air. Because of parking difficulties, the best way to get to Chinatown is with Royal Limo Vancouver. Just call us and we will pick you up, drop you and come back to take you home.

Another great place to visit is Granville Island. This place has a public market, hot food, fresh bakery and there are all types of fruits available the 2-hour food walking tour is a must.

For the lovers of art and entertainment, Vancouver has the Arts Club which is presenting 'fun home' and 'jitters' throughout the month of June. Set in Granville Island stage, the art club offers great broadways entertainment at low cost.

If you are a nature lover, then you should not miss the Beaty Biodiversity Museum which is now showcasing life in color on a giant mural. You will get to appreciate the ecosystems from British Columbia and across the globe. It is a surreal experience with a touching experience.

For the wine and nature lovers, the Canadian Craft Tour has the Fraser Valley wine tour every weekend and Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The tour picks up the tourists outside Canada Place and one gets to enjoy the scenic wineries of Fraser valley. You also get to visit the backyard vineries, township 7 and chaberton. Everything that you always wanted to know about growing grapes and making wine will be presented on this tour. A Canadian Craft tour also has a Sea to Sky brewery tour which takes place in either Vancouver or Whistler. The tour is all about beer, fun, great food and enjoying the scenery.

If you love the outdoors then there is the City Running tour which provides you with a narrative of the evolution of Vancouver and the surrounding places. You will get to enjoy the scenery and experience the history of Vancouver with superb images.

These are just some of the activities taking place in Vancouver in the month of February. We invite you to tour with Royal Limo Vancouver. Enjoy all these great  without worrying about traffic, parking or directions. Once the event is over, simply call us and we will take you back home.

Best of all, our limousine rates are competitive, and we will match any offer you have.

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