The weather has been just perfect this season for people who love the outdoors, especially the amount of snow this year; and Grouse Mountain has received its fair share. This premier skiing destination in BC is now open to both amateurs and professionals. Grouse Mountain is just a 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver and is the closest mountain to the city.

Vancouver Limo Ride Special to Grouse Mountain

And this year for the entire ski season, Vancouver Royal Limo Service is offering special discounts to all its passengers. With only an admission ticket, Grouse Mountain has many complimentary features. For the skiers the best time to come here is early in the morning, weekdays and late evenings. Weekends are usually jam packed and only for the hardy skiers who do not mind the crowds.


The skiing at Grouse Mountain usually starts by taking the sky rise one mile above sea level to the alpine station. From here, skiers have the option of skiing down the 26 ski runs. For those who prefer free style skiing, there are also three massive terrain parks.

Royal Limo Vancouver Limousine Ride Services 7 Days a Week

Royal Limo Vancouver will be operating luxury transport services 7 days a week to and from Grouse Mountain. It has luxury vehicles which can also carry all your ski gear. For those who do not have ski gear, fear not, there are rentals available at the site. Vancouver limos will drop and pick up all passengers at scheduled times. The company is offering prices that will match any competitor.


Grouse Mountain also has 12 runs opens for snow boarders. The mountain is also open late in the night and the view of the local scenery is breath taking. No matter what levels of skier you are, Grouse Mountain has all types of ski-slopes to suit your needs. If this is your first time at the ski slopes, then Grouse Mountain also offers Private lessons and schools in skiing. And after the skiing, there are plenty of places to relax and dine in style. There are ample restaurants, coffee shops and diners on site.


Vancouver Limo Rental is offering a variety of travel packages for skiers and sight seers to Grouse Mountain. For those planning a weekend trip there are many motels and hotels nearby.


Grouse Mountain does offer day use lockers and equipment rentals. The admission to Grouse Mountain is about $45 for adults and $26 for youth. The ski resort also offers group rates.


Grouse Mountain offers splendid scenery and ample opportunities to do all types of snow related activities. If you are thinking about going to Grouse Mountain, Call us at Vancouver Royal Limo Service and we will take care of the rest. Not only will we take you there, but we will also provide you more details on what to do and what not to do.

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